KSmusic is specialized in Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock, Worldmusik and according genres.

I offer the following services:

  • Booking and tour management for jazz, funk, soul, world, nu-jazz in Germany, Austria, Poland, Swiss, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine.
  • I work with trusted partners in England, Italy, Swiss, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.
  • Artist agency and event assistance, also with cooperation partners.
  • Promotion for press, radio and online media in genres like Blue Grass, Country, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock and World.
  • Booking for backline, catering companies, P.A., presenters, recording studios, sound engineers and tour managers.
  • Coordination and planing of marketing strategies.

I sample all pools for promotion. Among the classical sampling (Press, Radio, TV), virtual radio stations and magizines will be sampled also.
There are good connections to record labels and distributors.
You find about 150 artists in my portfolio.